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Breaking: palmit.commentary acquired by New York Times

I’m pleased to announce that palmit.commentary has been acquired by the New York Times for an undisclosed amount of (love that smell) cash.
The New York Times, smartly, rushed palmit.commentary to the top of their list of blogs to acquire. As many of you know, they just acquired the blog Freakonomics. More blog acquisitions are expected as part of the recently updated New York Times “stay relevant” business strategy. The acquisition was quick and painless – the whole transaction happened via PayPal and IM.
We’re working on integrating palmit.commmentary into the New York Times design template for acquired blogs. They said something about needing to spell-check my blog and make it look more like a newspaper but I expect to see my content on The New York Times soon. It will probably look a lot like this [[ acquired blog template]]

Adding your Podcast to iTunes

The PalmIT podcast is now available as a subscription via the iTunes Music Store. Getting an RSS feed configured to meet Apple’s schema was the hardest part about making the podcast available in the iTunes Music Store. Here are the resources I used to make it happen. Become the 3rd person to subscribe to the PalmIT podcast now.

Podcasting and iTunes: Technical Specifications
iTunes Podcast – Jake Ludington
Brandon Fuller – MT-Enclosure – added support for ENCLOSURE element to MovableType

PalmIT Podcast #2 – Thoughts on Japan

I thought it would be a good idea to podcast some of my thoughts on my recent trip to Japan before I lose track of the details. So here we go, my 2nd podcast.

Podcast LinkPalmIT Podcast #2 - Thoughts on Japan (14:15)
Flickr: Japan 2005 Photoset
Podcast Feed Podcast Feed

IMG_2230 Toto toilet control – beware squirting stream

IMG_2560 Akihabara – gadgets galore

IMG_2589 Awesome Phones

PalmIT Podcast #1 – It’s a First

I produced the 1st PalmIT podcast tonight – It’s a First – and I had a great time doing it. It isn’t long, it doesn’t feature anybody famous, and it doesn’t have any special effects to offer but it’s a 1st and worth a listen. I hope to do more in the future – we’ll see where this goes.

Podcast LinkPalmIT Podcast #1 – It’s A First (7:44) PalmIT Podcast Feed PalmIT Podcast Feed

What’s PalmIT all about?
My PodCasting Tools
PalmIT Review: TeleFlip

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