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Pandora Ads Rock

I love Pandora. Pandora is a free Internet Radio service that uses the Music Genome Project to send you a constant stream of fresh tracks based on your music preferences. I love rocking out to the music streams Pandora sends my way every day.

The core music service Pandora offers is impressive but Pandora impresses in a lot of other ways.

Pandora’s user interface contributes a lot to the success of the service. The user interface is beautiful and a pleasure to use.

Pandora is an ad supported service and I’ve always been impressed by the way they’ve integrated ads into the user interface. Ads are usually integrated into a website as an afterthought – slammed into the right margin or simply dumped into a header or footer. Pandora on the other hand integrates, or blends, the ad into the user interface. I think this makes the ad far more effective.

Recently, Pandora has been making more of the ads integrated into their service interactive. Today the HP TouchSmart ad really impressed me – it was beautiful and a pleasure to interact with. I think this type of ad is a very effective branding tool. Ads like this might not convert well on the spot but I do think they’re great for brand building.




I started using Pandora, a streaming music player that builds play lists for you to match your taste, a couple of weeks ago and I’m still using it. I built a few stations based on artists that I like and Pandora streams similar music to my headset. It’s pretty cool and I’ve discovered some new artists using the service. It gets smarter too as you use the simple thumbs up and thumbs down system to tell it what you like and don’t like. Over in the right-side column of this blog’s home page you can see a list of the stations I’ve built so far – click on any of them to start your Pandora experience.

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