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My Panther Can Take Your Longhorn!

Apple's Panther
I read a book last year titled The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman and I put it down laughing at the antics of millionaires, like Steve Jobs; and billionaires like Lary Ellison of Oracle and Bill Gates of Microsoft.
The book talks a lot about the childish antics of Bill and Steve. One part that I probably will never forget, describes a crank call Bill placed to Steve one evening. Bill was pretending to be Philippe Kahn, a Frenchman and a big player in the days after the big bang in Silicon Valley.
“Zeez eeez Feee-LEEEP Kahn! He apparently exclaimed, “Zeee Macintosh sucks!” hanging up and laughing hysterically. Bill was trying to impress a girl.
Bill was jealous of Steve’s celebrity and “visionary” label and Steve was jealous of Bill’s unparalleled success and wealth. They were then and they are now.
I started to wonder today if Bill and Steve are back at it, one trying to pull the spotlight away from the other. Steve launched Apple’s (his) new operating system dubbed Panther last Friday. Bill, in turn, launched the PDC conference on Monday touting the supposed excellence and genius of his new operating system dubbed Longhorn. Did Bill need to put on the show this week? Or, was Bill fighting to pull the spotlight back in his direction?
My Panther can kill your Longhorn. They think like that when they’re coming up with the names for their operating systems, really they do. On the same note, Microsoft (Bill) fired an employee for posting a picture of a pallet of Apple G5s arriving at the Microsoft receiving center in Redmond. That’s embarrassing.

MobyDock – MAC Envy Relief

MobyDock U.I.

I’ll admit it; I’m a Windows guy with MAC envy. The last Apple I owned (actually my parents owned it) was an Apple IIe. I learned BASIC on that Apple, battled fiercely in Droll, and huffed-it through the mines of Lode Runner; but I haven’t had an Apple anything in my possession since.
Why? I think I’m just too practical. I however, unlike a lot of Windows users, am not afraid to admit that I have the occasional bout with MAC envy. For example, I was terribly jealous about not getting to take part in the release of Panther this week. Bloggers everywhere are talking about it and it looks cool. Apple knows how to put a nice looking U.I. together and that’s at the root of my MAC envy condition.
For those of you, that like me, experience MAC envy from time to time; try sprucing up your Windows U.I. with a little product I found called MobyDock. MobyDock is a freeware application that puts a launchbar similar to the one introduced with MAC OSX on your Windows Desktop.
I haven’t actually tried MobyDock for myself yet but you can read a full review on the Lockerknome site. I’ll post a review after I’ve had a chance to use it. So, for now, deal with your MAC envy by putting MobyDock on your Window desktop. Or, make that Switch Apple is always talking about.

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