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High School 2.0 – Calacanis / Denton Style

Dave, a Techcrunch commenter, has it right – the cat fighting between Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton is High School 2.0 and the related Techcrunch post by Michael Arrington reads like an article out of the student-run school paper. On the other hand we’re all reading it so doesn’t that just make us a bunch of High School students? I appreciate Mike’s coverage of the spat and enjoy reading about the more colorful side of the business sometimes. The comments associated with Mike’s post are even more colorful ; ) – locker talk.
Messing around with Jason, IMO, isn’t smart. He’s well connected, visible, smart, and rich. Andrew Baron crossed him (listen to this TWit podcast) once and I think that might have marked the beginning of RocketBoom’s trouble. Flame-out.
Nick’s post “Netscape: The Calacanis Effect” gets it started
Jason starts firing back with “My favorite blogger/blog of the moment… Flame-out

RocketBustI’m not going to say a whole lot about the soap opera (he said, she said) that’s unfolding in front of the entire blogoshere because everybody else (scoble, techcrunch) has more interesting things to say about it. The part that interests me the most about it are Jason Calcanis’ efforts to get Amanda Congdon ( hostess) signed on to the Netscape employee list. Interesting because I thought Jason and Andrew Baron (owns 51% of really went after each other during a recent TWIT (#57) session. Jason has got to be loving the way this is playing out.

Update: and it keeps getting better – now with cool comic from 


Prediction: Scoble Launches Vlogging Craze

Scoble is going to launch vlogging (and into orbit. I spent some time with my surfboard tonight – surfing the vlog waves – there’s a lot of crap out there but there’s also some really good stuff flying around. Pioneers like Amanda Congdon (Rocketboom) are doing pretty good for themselves already – we’re talking about 85K a week in advertising revenue and 300,000 visitors a day. I’m looking forward to watching this space as it develops.


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