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Eugene Oregon – eugene.oregon.commentary

I’ve been thinking a little (and I do mean a little ; ) about how I can make this blog more interesting for people other than myself. The thought process leading up to my idea looked something like this – I was mowing the lawn at the time.
>> it’s starting to rain
>> I can’t believe people are coming to my site looking for Andy Milonakis
>> how can I provide more value than that?
>> mowing this lawn every week is a drag – but I love my yard
>> I love Eugene …
>> hey, maybe I should start posting some pictures of Eugene
>> yeah, pictures and insider information, tips and tricks
>> running out of gas, need to refill mower
>> stupid blog
Amazing – right? So that’s it, I created a new commentary category called eugene.oregon.commentary. From time to time I’ll post cool pictures of Eugene here and insider tips for people interested in Eugene.
1st picture. Historic! This is a picture I snapped of a building above the Caspian Cafe on 13th street near the U of O. We don’t eat at Caspian, we prefer the Sienna Cafe next door – I took this picture because it was the 1st time I noticed the building above Caspian and I thought that made it cool.

eugene.oregon.commentary Building on 13th

Update 06/03/06 – changed category label from eugene.oregon.commentary to northwestliving.commentary

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