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Tag Galaxy – a new way to search Flickr

Tag Galaxy provides a very visual tag-based search tool for Flickr – check it out. IMO Google really needs to start working (they probably already are) on more visual search tools like this for the Web. Browsing search results like this provides a better, or at least more interesting, user experience. If Google is working on this kind of thing – they should start releasing some of the work as Google Labs projects. DIGG also sports cool visual search tools. WARNING: Tag Galaxy was built by Germans so watch out for David Hasselhoff avatars.

Searching Gmail

Great tips on using search operators to improve your Gmail searches. Now if I could only remember a few of these.


Viewzi, a new visual search engine, looks promising. I’m surprised Google isn’t playing around with visual search more – text heavy search results aren’t going to last forever.

Desktop Search

New resolution – more frequent blogging ; )
I thought it would be interesting to test Google’s objectivity by sending it this query on the hot phrase for 2005 “desktop search.” Suprisingly Google returned a pretty intereresting result. Here’s the top-five results.
#1 – Google Desktop Search
#2 – About Google Desktop Search
#3 – Copernic: Software to search, find, and manage information
#4 – MSN Toolbar Suite Beta with MSN Desktop Search
#5 – Slashdot | Yahoo Release Desktop Search Tool Beta
Can’t blame them for #1 and #2, they’re obligated to their shareholders. #3 was nice to see becase right now the Copernic solution is my favorite – although I haven’t tried the MSN or Yahoo! options yet. The MSN search tool is next on my list to try and frankly I don’t think I’ll ever get around to trying Yahoo’s implementation – after all, they didn’t even really make it onto Google’s short-list ; )

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