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Creative Spam Technique


Comments Enabled

SPAMThe commenting system is back up – I pulled it down because I was getting burried in comment SPAM. Please try not to hit the server all at once ; )

Actually, I re-enabled the system over the weekend. I’ve been watching the comment SPAM traffic for the last 24 hours to see if my work made a difference. I think it did.

What did I do to reduce the SPAM volume? I spent some time further customizing and configuring the already powerful SPAM blocking features included with MovableType 3.2. Additionally, I installed Brad Choate’s free MT-DSBL plugin. MT-DSBL uses real-time DNS lookups to determine if the commenter’s IP address is listed as an open proxy. I configured it to automatically "junk" any comments coming from an open proxy and this seems to be helping. I also spent some time reviewing my collection of junk for popular keywords – which I added to my keywords filter.

For the moment, my comment SPAM volume has been reduced to a manageable level. 

Comments Disabled (Again)

I disabled the commenting system again. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to implement more of the comment spam blocking strategies discussed in Six Apart‘s (this is a MovableType powered blog) Guide to Combatting Commenting Spam.

Comments Disabled

I temporarily disabled the commenting system. Why? Comment spam fatigue. My blog is attracting hundreds, no thousands, of spam comments a week and I’m sick of cleaning up after the buggers. I’ll bring comments back on-line after I have some time to make it a little more difficult for spammers to take advantage of this system. I’ve been considering SCODE1 – a CAPTCHA security code plugin for the Movable Type platform.

Location Based SPAM

I read an article today by Rafe Needleman (Business 2.0) on the topic of location based content, right on the heels of an article from ZD Net about efforts to deal with the SPAM nightmare that we all manage daily. I started to think about the potential nightmare awaiting us. Location based SPAM!

My on-line life is beset with SPAM. Seriously, it has a negative impact on my life and it’s destroying or at least damaging the overall usefulness of my favorite killer app; e-mail. I wouldn’t survive the daily mail call without SPAM Assasin and Mail Washer; popular tools for filtering junk bits and bytes. Eventually, the government or an independent organization of men and women in black cloaks and food prep hairnets of some kind will step in and solve the problem but lets be careful about making an already bad problem worse by painting flashing targets on our backs. Can you imagine what it would be like if your PDA went nuts every time you drove past the local K-Mart? I can hear LIL PIM now (my Toshiba e740 PDA), “Blue-light special, exit at the next off-ramp to save on sanitary napkins.” My god; marketing genius is going to be the end of the civilized world.

Read Rafe’s informative article. The spotlight project, Arena; a program focused on providing sports fans with location based applications, has promise but I’m afraid it’s going to lead to Taco Bell commercials on my cell phone as I drive through my small town home in the Pacific Northwest.

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