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FriendFeed and Twitter ROI for Robert Scoble?

Social Media by Flickr user Thomas HawkMichael Arrington over at TechCrunch thinks Robert Scoble needs a FriendFeed intervention. Michael believes Scoble’s reputation as a "blogger" is suffering because he’s spending too much time on FriendFeed and Twitter and not enough time on his blog. On Twitter Robert has nearly 45,000 followers and has written over 16,000 messages. On Friendfeed Robert has nearly 23,000 subscribers.

Scoble responds to the attempted intervention on his blog and on FriendFeed.

What do I think? I applaud Scoble for risking his reputation as a blogger to put the wider social network and micro-blogging to the test. I think Scoble has increased his influence in 2008 by establishing himself (and his brand) on FriendFeed and Twitter. I don’t think it will take much effort on his part to get his Web 1.0 blog numbers back up again – if that’s what he wants to do. I think Arrington is probably jealous that Scoble (essentially a one man shop) has him beat on the FriendFeed and Twitter metrics. Arrington is probably looking at 2009 wondering how he can catch up ; )

Keep up the good work Robert! I think your investment in FriendFeed and Twitter will pay off.

Where’s the Exit?

Venture-backed startups are scratching their heads looking for the liquidity EXIT. M&As and IPOs are unheard of these days. Last year the M&A EXIT was the rage. Is the liquidity drought going to slow the innovation cycle down?
TechCrunch posted on the liquidity drought today. IMO – the liquidity drought, at least in the short-term, is a good thing. I think it will force startups back to the “business basics” earlier in the startup process. Forcing startups to think about the basics like – when will we turn a profit?

Puppet Interviews – Dove Deeper

During the lunch break here at the Webvisions event I dove a little deeper into Loren Feldman’s “Puppet Interviews” series and discovered this gem. – The Mike Arrington Show (embeded below). Man, my stomach was in knots by the time I finished watching this.

and now compare it with the real deal

New York

Last week I had an opportunity to visit New York – it was my visit so I made the most of it. I was in New York promoting Email Center Pro at a CrunchGear meetup. We had a great time at the event and had some time to visit a few of the more popular attractions. Things like the MOMA, the MET, Central Park, and the Empire State Building.

Apple Jesus Phone

The iPhone hype just keeps coming and TechCrunch is all over it – everything at TechCrunch tagged iPhone. June 29th all will be forgiven. The Jesus phone from Apple. Watch the embeded video below – looks like Duncan Riley put this together as a promotional piece for TechCrunch.

Valleywag – Arrington = Mickey Mouse

I got a kick out of reading this Valleywag post that pokes fun at Michael Arrington for being down on the valley. Poor guy.

MICHAEL ARRINGTON: The genie is out of the bottle – Valleywag

Arrington is like Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia: as did the cartoon character in the Disney movie, the Techcrunch founder has cast a spell that’s gone wrong; and it’s too late to put the magic back in the bottle.

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High School 2.0 – Calacanis / Denton Style

Dave, a Techcrunch commenter, has it right – the cat fighting between Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton is High School 2.0 and the related Techcrunch post by Michael Arrington reads like an article out of the student-run school paper. On the other hand we’re all reading it so doesn’t that just make us a bunch of High School students? I appreciate Mike’s coverage of the spat and enjoy reading about the more colorful side of the business sometimes. The comments associated with Mike’s post are even more colorful ; ) – locker talk.
Messing around with Jason, IMO, isn’t smart. He’s well connected, visible, smart, and rich. Andrew Baron crossed him (listen to this TWit podcast) once and I think that might have marked the beginning of RocketBoom’s trouble. Flame-out.
Nick’s post “Netscape: The Calacanis Effect” gets it started
Jason starts firing back with “My favorite blogger/blog of the moment…

TechCrunch Network – Quarterly Goals

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch launched MobileCrunch today – it’s a TechCrunch Network blog. MobileCrunch is the 3rd blog to join the TechCrunch Network (kind or laughing) of blogs – the 2nd was CrunchNotes. Here’s a link to the official announcement.

Launch chronology – quarterly goals?
TechCrunch June 2005 >> CrunchNotes October 2005 >> MobileCrunch January 2006 >>
[ ? ]Crunch April 2006 >>

Oliver Starr (that’s a resume + some) will be heading up the new blog so Michael can stay focused on TechCrunch. Michael is expanding quickly – maybe too quickly. This might sound crazy to some of you but I’ve started to relate TechCrunch to the old Industry Standard days we all so fondly remember.

Is TechCrunch still a blog? IMO – CrunchNotes is a blog, TechCrunch is a business venture. Technically, it fits the definition – but does it fit the "spirit" of what blogs are supposed to be. When does a blog become just another content site? Will TechCrunch be associated with a 2nd bubble much like The Industry Standard is associated with the 1st? Time will tell.

Industry Standard TechCrunch

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