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Lessig On TED

The post Copyright Extremism Begets Extremist on Tim Berry’s blog, Planning, Startups, Stories, pointed my browser towards a TED presentation by Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig. Lessig, very eloquently, uses a series of historical stories to support his argument that existing copyright law is impeding creative expression in a digital world. Lessig did a good job of presenting the problem, a potential solution (CC), and hope that things will change in the future if history has anything to say about it (BMI).
Copyright law, like patent law, needs to be reformed. It’s broken and it’s stifling the creators. Given the importance of IP to our economy; you’d think this would be a higher legislative priority. Unfortunately, I think the legislative branch isn’t equipped to keep up with the speed of the information economy. Reform will start at the source (the creators) and work it’s way up through the system. Will? Has.

Jeff Han Unveils High-Resolution Multi-Touch Computer

Watch Jeff Han demo his high-resolution multi-touch computer screen at TED. I’m sold on his vision of how we should be interacting with user interfaces – make it happen Jeff! We’ve lived in a flat world for far too long.

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