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Do you love what you do? Should you love what you do?

There’s a good conversation going on over on the Planning, Statups, Stories blog. Tim Berry responds to the question “What’s more important–passion or ability?” when it comes to selecting a career. Check out the comments section. A copy of my comment appears below.

It’s hard to make a living doing what you love. Why? Because introducing the green stuff into the relationship often leads to relationship problems.
Love blinds, often making it difficult to mix business with pleasure. I think this is why most people keep what they really love far, far, away from the JOB. NOTE: A lot of people claim to be doing what they love but it isn’t often the case. Everybody wants it so it’s natural for people to claim they have it – it’s in our nature.
Most of the people (there are exceptions) I know that have turned loves/hobbies into businesses regret it. Why? They turned that special thing they really loved into a JOB – it isn’t fun anymore, it’s work. It’s the thing that puts food on the table. That, usually, comes with stress and external pressure. Other people start messing around with the thing you loved.
My advice to the reader – keep doing what you’re good at, become the best at it, and find a way to leverage that success so you can spend more time doing what you really love. That way, you keep the green stuff out of the relationship.
– Cale

Fortunately, and I’m not just saying this because Tim Berry is the President and Founder of the company I work for, I love what I do for a living. Or, maybe, I’m just claiming to love what I do for a living to make all of you jealous. You’ll never know. I do however think the word “love” is getting tossed around here a bit too freely. Love, for me at least, is a word reserved for my wife, my kids, and my family. It’s a powerful word that carries a lot of meaning. I don’t really believe you can “Love” a car, your house, a hobby, or your job – really “Love” it. Or, maybe you can.

Tim Berry and iPhone Drama

Tim Berry: iPhone as Classic Drama – Business on The Huffington Post
Tim Berry, founder and President of the company I work for, has an excellent post up on the Huffington Post about the launch of the iPhone and drama surrounding it. Tim’s perspective on the iPhone launch is especially interesting because of his history with Apple in the 80s and his involvement in their business planning.

I’m eagerly awaiting the iPhone introduction, but not just because I want one. I’m looking forward to the drama of Jobs, Apple, and cool gadgets vs. the stock market and financial analysis. I’m hoping that Apple and Steve Jobs can establish coolness as a wild-card measure of long-term health in a stock market world ruled by short-term metrics like gross margins and last quarter’s earnings. It’s a classic drama, complete with a hero, a fatal flaw, and, I hope, final redemption.

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