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H2 Bling

H2 Bling, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

I love taking pictures of my kid’s toys. H2 Bling Bling.

NOTE: I think the H2 is a terrible vehicle for a lot of different reasons – still, this mini H2 looks pretty cool. It’s electric ; )

Robin, I Can’t See

Robin, I Can’t See, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Lately I’ve been getting a kick out of taking pictures of the toys my kids are playing with. We have a good time prepping each toy for the photo-shoot, they can be a bit nervous about all the picture taking, and the kids enjoy looking at the end result. This picture of my son’s Batman action figure is called “Robin, I Can’t See.”

I also enjoy taking pictures of toys because it helps me appreciate the details of the design work that goes into each toy. How much time do you think somebody spent designing this Batman figure? See the detail in the ears? Somebody put a lot of effort into this and the design behind a toy often goes un-noticed by parents that are more focused on trying to keep the toys in the right bins. Spend a few minutes looking at the detail work that goes into the toys your kids play with. I’m guessing their toys are more interesting than most of the other things in your house.

More toy pictures in my Flickr “Toys” set.

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