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Treo 670 – Windows Mobile?

Treo 670 Windows Mobile
The Rumor Mill is buzzing about the Treo 670 – an as yet announced Windows Mobile version of the already popular Treo 650 smartphone from Palm. Are the rumors true? The guys over at Engadget think so but I’m still skeptical. If the rumors are true it’s the beginning of the end for Palm’s OS. Maybe this is why Palm split their software and hardware divisions up. Maybe this is why Jeff Hawkins (Founder) moved on to new things at Palm – there’s something new in the works at Palm – maybe they are tossing the OS – maybe the rumors are true.
Engadget – The Treo 670 is real and does run Windows Mobile
Treo Surfaces with Windows Mobile – Palm OS R.I.P.
Engadget – More Treo 670 Pics
Gizmodo – Treo 670 Runs Windows

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