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Folding UMPCs?

UMPC sales have been lackluster this year – they started shipping in March. The 1st year (well almost) of the UMPC feels a lot like the 1st year of the Tablet PC – again, lackluster. I hold Microsoft responsible for my over-use of the world “lackluster.” Microsoft needs to find and crown a Marketing Czar that can give Jobs a run for his money. They’ve got the hardware, the software, and the people talent – what they lack is the marketing talent. All the hardware innovation in the world isn’t going to do it – even Fujitsu’s folding UMPC will go mostly un-noticed.

Taking the Origami principle to heart, Fujitsu reckon they’ve got the ultimate UMPC licked, with this swish design for a laptop which literally folds in half to fit your pocket. >> T3

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