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I was just shocked, visually accosted, and I think I’m going to need to see my Dr. for burned retnas. A set of stickers from was part of my May ValleySchwag schwag bag and I just found out what the whole Goatse thing is all about. Find out for yourself. Start and, you’ll end up at Wikepedia and if you follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole you’ll end up shocked and wishing you had a delete key for the .jpgs in your head – like me. Yuck! I can’t believe ValleySchwag put this in my schwag bag – classy.

Surf Report

Surf Report: Rides I want to remember and share.

zefrank show

the show with zefrank, witty, informative, hardly work safe – amazed he can do it as often as he does.

Spot & Roy Boy - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

short-run t-shirts came back into my attention space this week – a random link to got me started and a threadless shirt graphics competition my brothers are participating kept me rolling. original t-shirts are a cool way to express yourself – I have a few.

jumpcut (create and share short movies on-line) caught my interest for oh about five minutes thanks to a jumpcut shirt that came in my schwag bag this month. my wife wants me to cancel the subscription – I like the shirts – she’ll win.

Got Schwag – May ValleySchwag Bag Arrives!


I approached the green mailbox trying not to get my hopes up. Would it arrive?

It did. It’s here! Oh boy, what did they send me?

The May schwag bag from ValleySchwag arrived today. I grabbed it, I couldn’t wait to open it so I started tearing the white Tyvek U.S. Postal Service mail bag to pieces as I walked back down the driveway. I felt like a kid, opening the cereal box for the free prize inside. What did I get, what did I get? Hey Mom, look what I got in the mail!

My May schwag bag included: a RubyRedLabs shirt, assorted stickers (great for laptops), pins, and a cool MovableType tool for my keychain. [flickr - more schwag bags]

ValleySchwag shipped to about 1,500 subscribers this month – I think I’ll stay on their list for at least another month. The shirt is cool and I love the tool but it’s more about giving them some credit for a novel idea and their implementation. Well done ValleySchwag! 

Got Schwag – ValleySchwag


I signed up for the ValleySchwag [blog] service the day I heard about it – May 5th. $14.95 a month (shipping included) for a cool shirt + goodies is a great deal. I’m still patiently waiting for my 1st schwag bag to arrive – great press in May and a novel idea sent their membership numbers into orbit fast. What’s ValleySchwag?

…filled with the Web’s best schwag. These are limited edition collectibles you won’t find in any store. We lasso only the best shirts, stickers, hats, pens, and various logo’d merch–the stuff we treasure. Order

Can’t wait to see what’s in my schwag bag. Sign-up for yours! 

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