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Apple Jesus Phone

The iPhone hype just keeps coming and TechCrunch is all over it – everything at TechCrunch tagged iPhone. June 29th all will be forgiven. The Jesus phone from Apple. Watch the embeded video below – looks like Duncan Riley put this together as a promotional piece for TechCrunch.

Blinkx Walls Rock – Here’s my “Bush Terror” wall

Blinkx, the video search engine, is sporting a cool new tool that lets you post a “Wall” of video to your blog or website. The “Wall” is made up of independent looping video clips which are produced as a result of your video search query. It’s a cool tool and fun play around with. The “Wall” below was produced by searching Blinkx for “bush terror.” The really cool thing about this is that the wall will update itself as the Blinkx search spider finds more relevant content. Create your own “Wall” at Blinkx.

Turn Here

logo_turnhere.gifTurnHere is sweet – it has that "why didn’t I think of that" kind of feel. TurnHere is a pretty straightforward idea – short videos about interesting places. Lovin it. Go check it out. Check out Hell’s Kitchen New York. Wow, Great U.I., love the way they integratted maps into the U.I. and they’ve done a great job establishing a neighborhood type feel in the U.I. that makes it easy to find nearby places. Really cool.

Google Video Search Launched

Google Video Search – how cool is that.

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