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Highgear Summit Watch

product_highgearsummit.jpgI clicked the "Buy Now" now button next to another Highgear altimeter watch (1st Highgear) a couple of weeks ago on Sierra Trading Post and I just love it. It’s a Highgear Summit, last year’s model, but I got it for about half of what this year’s model would have cost me.

I don’t really use the bulk of the more advanced features (altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer) but having the compass makes it easier for me to back-up the "we’re not lost" position with my wife and it’s a great starter for conversations about the weather ;)

HIGHGEAR Aerial – Watch/Altimeter/Barometer/Thermometer

HighGear Aerial

Last week, I was browsing REI-Outlet for a watch to replace my aging and stinky Timex Expedition and I came across a cool looking watch made by a company called HIGHGEAR (never heard of it) that I just couldn’t pass up for the money. For $59 I replaced my Timex with a HIGHGEAR Aerial that includes an: Altimeter, Barometer (weather center), Thermometer, and a top-notch Chronograph (the only feature I really need), and it looks cool on top of all of that. It’s a little big for my thin wrist but somehow the yellow makes it look a little smaller than it actually is. Sadly, (for you) the yellow model was selling at a reduced price on my favorite website (REI-Outlet) – if you want something like this it will cost you $100+.

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