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High School 2.0 – Calacanis / Denton Style

Dave, a Techcrunch commenter, has it right – the cat fighting between Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton is High School 2.0 and the related Techcrunch post by Michael Arrington reads like an article out of the student-run school paper. On the other hand we’re all reading it so doesn’t that just make us a bunch of High School students? I appreciate Mike’s coverage of the spat and enjoy reading about the more colorful side of the business sometimes. The comments associated with Mike’s post are even more colorful ; ) – locker talk.
Messing around with Jason, IMO, isn’t smart. He’s well connected, visible, smart, and rich. Andrew Baron crossed him (listen to this TWit podcast) once and I think that might have marked the beginning of RocketBoom’s trouble. Flame-out.
Nick’s post “Netscape: The Calacanis Effect” gets it started
Jason starts firing back with “My favorite blogger/blog of the moment…

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