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My reaction to Apple’s announcements

Thomas Hawk’s commentary on Apple’s announcement’s (watch) Tuesday mirrors my own. I got a kick out of reading his recent post on the subject today.

Someone Check Steve Job’s Pipe, I Don’t Think That’s Tobacco He’s Smoking in There

Apple is obviously continuing their push into the livingroom but IMO they’re a bit late to the game. iTV feels like too little too late and it isn’t even available yet. On the other hand, Apple wasn’t the 1st one on the MP3 player seen either – but they delivered a better mouse trap and it paid off, in a big way, the same thing could happen in the livingroom. For me, for now – NetFlix, Tivo, and my flatpanel Sony Wega TV are working just fine. I don’t even have HDTV yet. There is a real problem in the livingroom that needs to be solved. What’s that? Too many wires, too much complexity, too many choices – people just want to watch and listen. Maybe Apple can solve that problem.

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