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Vista Ultimate Dreamscene

I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate at home and bumped into a cool new feature available to Ultimate users as an Ultimate Exclusive. The feature is called Dreamscene and it makes it easy to replace your boring static wallpaper with exciting dynamic wallpaper – apparently, without taxing your system resources too much. If you’re an Ultimate user and good about downloading updates (even the optional updates) it’s probably already installed; if you don’t already have it installed, you can use Windows Update to download and install Dreamscene. While you’re updating – grab the Dreamscene Content Pack as well.

Instructions for activating Windows Vista Ultimate Dreamscene:

  1. Right-click the desktop
  2. Select Personalize from the menu that appears
  3. Select Desktop Background on the Personalizaton screen
  4. Select Windows Dreamscene for Picture Location on the Desktop Background screen
  5. Select a Dreamscene, your background will update, click Ok after you settle on a Dreamscene for your background. NOTE: If you don’t have the Content Pack installed, you will only see one Dreamscene in the list of available Dreamscenes. The Content Pack brings the number closer to ten.

Dreamscene is working pretty well for me on my modestly equiped Lenovo laptop so far. I like the liveliness it brings to the background – I have a rainy day scene running for my background. Oh, Dreamscene is also smart enough to go into a static state when the laptop is running on battery power. If you are a Vista Ultimat user – it’s worth a look.

   (Vista Dreamscene: Select "Windows Dream Scene" for Picture Location)


Windows Vista Myths

Don’t be misled by these 10 Windows Vista myths

Takeaway: The official consumer launch of Windows Vista has brought with it a great deal of confusion, misinformation, and some fairly ignorant assertions. Windows expert Deb Shinder debunks some of the misconceptions she’s been hearing, from exaggerated cost and hardware requirements to feature limitations and compatibility issues.

iTunes 7.0.2. Works w/ Vista

Apple is suggesting Windows iTunes users delay updating to Windows Vista until they can get an update for iTunes out. iTunes works fine for me on my Vista powered Lenovo – it was working fine on RC1 and it’s still working fine on the Gold bits today. I think this is probably just Apple trying to cast a shadow of doubt on the new operating system from Redmond. If it doesn’t work properly – it’s Apple’s bad – they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the Vista launch. Apple is good at making their Windows-based customers feel 2nd class – Microsoft should leverage this in their efforts to market the Zune. I’m going to trade my iPod in for a Zune.

According to a company statement provided by Apple spokesman Derick Mains, “Although iTunes 7.0.2 may work with Windows Vista on many typical PCs, Apple is aware of some known compatibility issues and recommends that iTunes customers wait to upgrade to Windows Vista until after the next release of iTunes, which will be available in the next few weeks.” Apple declined further comment. – source

Vista Upgrade Advisor

Windows Vista

Want to see how your machine (PC) will "make friends" with Windows Vista? Download and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. One of my work machines is Aero capable, I’m hoping at least one of my home machines is.

Windows Code Names

Now I know where Microsoft comes up with Windows code names. I didn’t know the Canadians had this kind of influence over Windows development.

Ever wonder where Microsoft got the code name for its upcoming Windows Vista release? According to Lily Delos Rios, VP of Product Delivery at Symantec, the code name Longhorn grew out of two then-current project code names: Whistler and Blackcomb. Whistler and Blackcomb are two mountains near the popular Whistler, British Columbia, ski community. The project named Whistler became Windows XP, and Blackcomb was to be an even more ambitious new operating system. When it seemed that Blackcomb was too ambitious, Microsoft decided it needed something in the middle, something between Whistler and Blackcomb. In the real world, there’s a saloon located between the two mountains, and that saloon’s name is Longhorn.


Source: Security Watch: Forget Google, it’s Symantec vs. Microsoft – CNET reviews

Windows Live

Windows Live

I like what Microsoft is doing with Windows Live. Some people think it’s a hacked and desperate attempt to keep up with the Web 2.0 innovators but I give Microsoft a lot of credit (a massive company) for seeing the need, developing a plan, and implementing it quickly – like a small business or start-up would. In my opinion they’re running circles around the Google camp. I also think they’re developing some really high quality products and services – better yet, a lot of it is free. Check some of it out!

Windows Live Ideas - All things Windows Live – I like the Windows Live Toolbar

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