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Yahoo! IM for MAC

I just noticed that Yahoo! IM for the MAC (v. 3.0 BETA) has a built-in active spell checker. Awesome. I don’t think this is available in the PC version.

New York Post Reports Microsoft and Yahoo! Talking

BILL’S HARD DRIVE By PETER LAURIA and ZACHERY KOUWE – Business – New York Post Online Edition

May 4, 2007 — Stung by the loss of Internet advertising firm DoubleClick to Google last month, Microsoft has intensified its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo!, asking the company to re-enter formal negotiations, The Post has learned.

Good or bad? I’m still forming my thoughts. I have friends that work for Right Media, recently acquired by Yahoo!, I wonder what they think of this? I’ll update this post as more news flows in.

Update 05/07/07:

The Wall Street Journal reports that the talks are no longer active. [ Source ] Maybe this was just a press play on Microsoft’s part to test the waters and the market. A deal of this size ( excess of 50 billion for Yahoo! ) requires a scouting mission or two. After all, a deal like this is a lot about public perception.

Yahoo! Bookmarks BETA Blows!


Yahoo! Bookmarks BETA blows big time. Thomas Vander Wal reviews Yahoo!’s long overdue update to the popular bookmarking tool and calls it an Alpha at best and I think that’s being generous. A ton of the primary functionality doesn’t even work – it’s bad to the point where I’m abandoning Yahoo! Bookmarks and heading off to for the 1st time and I’ve been using Yahoo! bookmarks for years. Yes, I know, Yahoo! owns but they haven’t managed to screw it up yet – fortunately. Yahoo! gets 0 credit for anything to do with I almost didn’t install the toolbar buttons for IE because the setup was signed by Yahoo! A company with the kind of engineering and QA resources Yahoo! has – has no business publishing crap like this for public consumption. Stay far, far, away from Yahoo! bookmarks BETA. The mess that happend with the recent Yahoo! Toolbar update just adds fuel to my fire. I’m loosing all confidence in Yahoo! and I’m starting to agree with some of the voices that are saying Yahoo! will be the next AOL. Keep it up Yahoo! – good looks will only get you so far.

Update 01/05: Tom Chi, Yahoo! Bookmarks Product Lead, is in the comments. Yahoo! Bookmarks BETA is still totally un-usable for me and I’ve pulled it off 3 of my machines in favor of – which I’m really starting to like.

Will the Fed help tech companies sort out China?

Chinese Flag 

Reading: Yahoo turns to Washington for help on China | Tech News on ZDNet

The Fed needs to step up to the plate and level the playing field (or at least set some guidelines) for tech companies trying to do business in China. China represents a huge market for these companies so they can’t just not do business with the Chinese; unfortunately the U.S. stock market won’t reward them for being good citizens. The Fed needs to step in and set some game playing rules – the industry can’t be expected to create the rules, the game is already in motion. I think the Yahoo! chief has it right.

Governments change governments. Governments who are in trade together can certainly change governments," he said. "We tried and we are going to continue to try as an industry to have our government help us.

- Terry Semel, Yahoo! Chief


Too much of a good thing …

I feel like the Web jumped into overdrive this quarter and I’m having a hard time keeping up.

The battle raging between the three giants - Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! is responsible for most of the speed increase. Web 2.0 companies represent potential feature morsels for the giants – a few, if any, will ever evolve into real companies.

In a year we’ll be begging for a good old fashioned monopoly. Windows Vista might do better than everybody thinks. 

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