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Google Audio Indexing – Finally

I’m excited about Google’s “Gaudi” initiative. Google announced yesterday that they’re going to start indexing the audio content on YouTube. Why is that cool? Because, it’s going to make YouTube content a lot easier to search. New features will also allow you to jump to the specific time index in a video where the sounte bite you searched for begins. Searchable YouTube content is cool but I’m more excited about what this means for the future of search and the semantic web.

Indie iPhone Ad Spacetacular

Check out this Indie iPhone Ad. The concept and production values are great. Really impressive what people can do these days with a decent computer and a digital video camera. 69,979 views in about 3 days and Apple didn’t pay a dime for the Ad – nice.

Crazy Frog Bros

Crazy Frog Bros! The kid in the red shirt dances just like me! 998,848 views as of 10/20/06 – did they make any money from this? 50 cents a view and they’d be rich – that’s 1/6 the cost of a ringtone. A lot of companies are profitting from citizen journalism.

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